Why Donate?

In the Anishinaabe teachings, the Eagle represents love for the people.  The Eagle is also known for his strength.  The power of the Eagle wings carry him closest to the creator out of all other living beings.  This is why the Eagle Feather is held in high regard among the Anishinaabe people.  Because the Eagle Feather carries high significance in Anishnaabe cultural and ceremonial practices, the Feather is considered a sacred gift and can not be bought or stolen.

Participants in training are gifted with an Eagle Feather upon completion of the one year training.  The Feather represents the work they have done and will assist them in the work they have committed themselves in doing as they move forward and promote life in their individual lives, their work and their communities.

If you have access to Eagle Feathers and would like to donate them to the Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life Promotion Graduates, please fill out the form below, or visit our contact page and contact any one of our staff members.


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