Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life Promotion


Currently the Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life Promotion program is partnered with two Indigenous organizations: the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle (BANAC) and the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation. Through these partnerships we were able to secure funding to hire three new positions: National Youth Coordinator, Community Life Promoter, and Life Promotion Director. All three staff receive direction from the Feather Carriers Advisory Board, which helps to ensure the program remains aligned with its vision, purpose and goals.


Meghan Young, Life Promotion Director

Boozhoo Gagina Awiya! Misko anangokwe nidizhinikaaz. Miskwaadesi nidoodem. Gichiwiikwedong nidoonjibaa. Lindsay, ON indaa. Anishinaabekwe miinawaa wiisaakodekwe indow.

My English name is Meghan Young and I am Anishinaabe and Métis from Owen Sound. I am from the miskwaadesi (painted turtle) clan, and my family is originally from the communities of Drummond Island, Penetanguishene, and Bawaating. I am currently living in Lindsay, ON, which is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg (Mississaugas) and is covered by the Williams Treaty.

I have been working in Indigenous Social Services for over 10 years, specifically in the area of mental health and addictions. I have an educational background in Indigenous Studies (B.A.), and Social Work (H.B.S.W.), and I am in the process of completing the Master of Social Work program at Lakehead University in Orillia. I am a graduate of the Ashawasegai Feather Carriers cohort, and strive to promote life through various activities such as yoga, gardening, cooking and beading.


Kendra Keetch, National Youth Coorinator

Ahnee. Boozhoo Kina Weya. My name is Kendra Keetch and I have come on board with Feather Carriers as the National Youth Coordinator.  I am very excited and incredibly honored to continue work with youth aiming for National growth.  I am a member of Rama First Nation and live there with my husband and 10 year old daughter.  Before joining Feather Carriers I was the Family and Youth Support Worker for Rama First Nation Community and Family Services.  I developed a strong youth circle program with record attendance and positive outcomes.  Working with the youth of Rama First Nation has been my favourite responsibility and my most cherished gift.

I look forward to continuing the work John, Deb and Ed started and developing a training program for youth.  The key areas of my role as the National Youth Coordinator include youth community engagement, training design and development, youth leadership, training implementation, and evaluation support.

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Tiffany McCue, Community Life Promoter

Naanookaashiins n’dizhnikaaz, Chimnissing n’doonjiba, Niigig n’doodem.  I am known as Hummingbird, my home community is Christian Island, Ontario and I am part of the Otter clan.  My given name is Tiffany McCue.  I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself as the Feather Carriers Community Life Promoter recently hired for the fast moving Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life Promotion initiative. 

My many experiences and networks have brought me towards this role beginning 5 years ago when I began to chase my education at Georgian College in the Aboriginal Community and Social Development Program.  As a student within this program I began building my network of teachers, peers and life lessons offered through such a dynamic and interactive experience.  I learned about program development, proposal writing, and also developed a keen understanding of the unique needs of Indigenous Peoples pertaining to their health and wellness. 

Since graduating from College, I began my career working within my home community through the Education Department.  Staying within the realm of education and stressing the importance of health and wellbeing I moved onto becoming the Student Success Worker within our Elementary School.  Within the school atmosphere I continue to learn and grow whilst developing programming and strategies that assist our children in becoming successful and thriving individuals. 

It is an honour to be part of the growth and development of the Feather Carriers program.  I hope to continue to see it thrive and grow and am 100 percent dedicated to this task. 

Ahow, Gchi Miigwetch Kena Weya.