Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life Promotion Training (2015) is a Collaborative Life Promotion approach founded by Dr. Ed Connors, Traditional Healer John Rice & Dr. Debby Wilson Danard.


  • Dr. Ed Connors established Onkwatenro'Shon:’A Health Planners, a health care consulting firm for First Nations communities.  He has done a lot of work consulting, training and presenting on mental health and wellness across Canada. He has authored and co-authored numerous papers and served on several Boards and Committees and is a member of the Elder Advisory Committee Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre.

  • Zahgausgai John Rice, Ojibwa/Anishinabeninni, Mukwa dodem, from Wasauksing First Nation near Parry Sound. Student of the Miikaans Teaching and shares his teachings that highlight the journey through life as an experiential journey where the individual achieves B'saani--Bamaadisiwin through the understanding of the relationship between the physical, mental and spiritual.

  • Dr. Debby Wilson Danard, Anishinaabekwe, Namay dodem, from Northwestern Ontario, and member of the Rainy River First Nation. Traditional Knowledge practitioner & Life Promotion Ambassador. Owns Union Star Consulting Life Teachings Lodge (www.unionstar.org). Life Promotion Ogitchidaw.

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